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Worldwide Shipping of Remains and Forms for Service Needs


Since February 1994, Midgley Gardenside Mortuary has been proud to be the Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties representative of Inman Shipping Worldwide, an organization dedicated to the respectful and prompt transportation of Remains anywhere in the world.  Our mutual respect and working relationship enables us together, to serve the funeral home that will be receiving the Remains and assisting the family with services and disposition.  We are able to provide services in other states to our own local families because of our association with Inman and their other representatives.

Below, you will find all of the forms that may be necessary for receiving Funeral Homes or their client families to have in order for us to expedite the repatriation of the Deceased back to the final destination.

PLEASE NOTE:  Complete packets of forms can be found on the Services tab, but these individual forms are the ones most usually needed.  


Regular Release (not for Coroner's Cases)                                    Authorization to Accept or Decline Embalming

Los Angeles County Coroner Remains Release                            Los Angeles County Property Release

Orange County Coroner Release                                                 Ventura County Coroner Release

Declaration for Disposition of Cremated Remains                        Cremation Authorization Roosevelt  

Cremation Authorization Gateway                                                     Pre-Need Disclosure

Vital Statistics worksheet for Death Certificate                            Price List








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